The stimulus bills one and two are being heralded as the best way to jumpstart the economy. If representatives had been listening to the American people as they were elected to do there would be no stimulus bill. The political class decided that we were too dumb to decide such an important matter and our choice was ignored.

We are about to take a chance on the repeal of the military’s ‘don’t ask – don’t tell’ rule. We will be crushing the choice that millions of young people want to make by leaving the matter of sexual preference at the door of civilian life and getting on with unhindered service to their country. Unseen or unrecognized is the possibility that taking this chance will change the choice of untold numbers of young men and women to join the military at all.

The healthcare proposals now stalled in both houses included language that warned us that we would be taking a chance on being fined or jailed if we didn’t get the proper coverage. No choice here but even worse, how could such a law be enforced? Would the government be forced to issue IDs and then run spot checks of its citizens to see if they were complying? Would a PIN number be like a vehicles VIN number? Maybe they could engage electronic monitoring systems like OnStar to keep tabs on us remotely and turn in the offenders at regular intervals. How do you spell big brother?

We have been told that we should take a chance on engaging our enemies around the world in dialogue and diplomacy in all instances. Our choice to walk softly in some cases and use the big stick in others has been tabled for the moment which leaves only one pertinent question. How’s that been working? Let’s not make a long list of failures or mention the contempt that extremists

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