Insurance Companies and the Profit Myth

President Obama is devoted to eliminating all the myths that exist around the Health Care Reform plans. However, the Administration is one of the main sources of those myths.

One of the myths that the Obama Administration is pushing is that the government will be able to provide health care cheaper as they will be able to cut out all the insurance company profits. In fact, he often refers to “those huge insurance company profits”. The President is either trying to mislead people or is ignorant of how a business operates.

From conversations that I have had, I belive that many people are misinformed. I have heard people talk about the evil insurance companies and their 1000% profit increases or the immoral insurance company 150% profit. With comments similar to those being floated on TV, I am sure that people do not understand or know the truth.

For starters, many people don’t know what a profit is or how it is calculated. A company’s profit equals its revenue minus expenses. More simply, the cash it takes in minus all the bills it has to pay. And as pointed out in a post over at, insurance companies only keep 4 to 5 cents for every dollar they take in which is 4 to 5% profit and not anywhere near 150%.

The simple example of a grocery store can help explain. When you spend $100 dollars at the grocery store, that $100 dollars is the revenue that the store receives. However, that $100 is not profit. Assuming the grocery store has a 50% markup on the products you bought, they had to pay $50 dollars for the goods that you bought. That leaves them $50 dollars in profits right? Wrong. They still have to pay the employees, pay the utilities, advertising, rent, and other expenses. Then, what ever is left over after paying those expenses is taxed. What is left over is the profit which is kept by the company.

A Truly Remarkable Woman

My 2.5 regular readers have probably realised that as an ex- Australian male now reincarnated with a Swiss nationality, I possess all the attributes necessary to claim a chauvinistic title. Misogynist, macho, arrogantly male and patriarchal. But then I moved to Switzerland nearly 10 years ago and changed my outlook. I became even more misogynist, macho and arrogantly male. It was such a natural progression in such a patriarchal country.

However, within a year of moving her, a woman named Micheline Calmy-Rey was elected to a seat in the Swiss Federal Council. Her election also made her the Swiss Foreign Minister. Within days, I realised that this woman was truly remarkable. Now, eight years later I realise I was wrong. She was not remarkable, she was uniquely the only woman I have ever known who has achieved the difficult balance of power, respect and femininity. She is what the feminists of the seventies were fighting for, but never realising what form it should take.

Micheline Calmy-Rey is a mother, grandmother, negotiator, pacifier, and ultimate politician. She infects you with a sense of pride in being Swiss and conveys the reality in what is meant by what we call in Switzerland, active neutrality. When she smiles, you fall in love. When she frowns and scowls, you listen and respect. When she reasons, you cannot help but understand. When she argues, it is with passion and true belief.

In my mind, the one quality that separates Micheline Calmy-Rey from other women in the world who hold political office, is that she never tries to be equal or better than her male colleagues and counterparts. She remains herself and doesn’t enter any form of competition. She is who she is. Take it or leave it. Truly beautiful and feminine smiles that would woo any man within 100 miles.

Got a Handicap Ramp Installed in No Time

My doctor suggested getting a paving contractor in Nassau County NY as one of the first things in taking care of my wife. I thought that surprising, but in retrospect it wasn’t. She has MS, you see, and it’s moved into the final stages which means she can no longer walk or even move much under her own power. That isn’t too much of a problem in the house with a wheelchair, but taking her to the doctor meant we needed some sort of durable ramp to get her into the car. Carrying her just doesn’t work, especially since I’m no spring chicken.

I worried about hiring someone to do the work, though. Continue reading “Got a Handicap Ramp Installed in No Time”

All Sorts of Fun Entertainment for Our Wedding

When my husband and I first started planning our wedding, we had no idea that it was going to be as fun as what it turned out to be. We wanted to do something special for our friends and family, and we decided the perfect thing would be to have corporate event entertainment that would be fun for everyone there. We looked at a company’s website that handles entertainment for different kinds of events, and I was so happy to see that they had a long list of wedding entertainment ideas that we could look over.

We hadn’t yet planned on a DJ or band, and I am glad that we hadn’t booked anyone at that point because Chosen Events also had musical entertainment. Continue reading “All Sorts of Fun Entertainment for Our Wedding”

Just Started on My New Job This Week

I have just started on my new job this week and so far it is not going that well, but of course I am not doing too much yet. They are teaching me how to be a stock boy down at the dollar store and of course there is a little bit to learn. You have to to figure out where to to put the coq 10 co enzymes and that sort of thing. Of course there must be a hundred thousand things that you have to keep track of and you have this little hand held gadget that you use to scan stuff with and of course the computer does a lot of the thinking. I just have to figure out when it is right and when it is not. Of course the system is going to have a lot of bugs in it and you can not just act like every little thing is always going to be peaches and cream. Continue reading “Just Started on My New Job This Week”

They Helped Us Make the Right Decorative Choices

When my husband and I bought our house, we both saw so many possibilities for both the interior as well as the exterior areas. We both knew how lucky we were to find such a great deal on the house, especially with how big the backyard is. It did need some work, but we had the imaginations to see what it would look like after hired a company that does masonry in Nassau County NY. The reason we wanted to hire a company like this is because of the patio and pool in the backyard.

Both were decent, but they were not great. The pool is in ground and just had a very narrow strip of stone slabs around it. It looked more junky than decorative. The patio was a bit better, but it still needed a more modern look to it. Continue reading “They Helped Us Make the Right Decorative Choices”

Looking at a New Place

It is actually about a half of a mile from the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn bridge and that is really perfect for me at this point in time, but the place is not really that easy to figure out whether or not the place is going to be a good idea or not. I have been calling around to places that do hvac repair in NYC and I need to get them to have a look at the system that this place has. It does not work, that much I know. However the big question is just how much it is going to cost to get it fixed or for that matter if it can be fixed or not. Replacing the whole system would really put a big damper on the idea, because I just do not have the money to do that in the near term. That would be something that would be really tough. Continue reading “Looking at a New Place”

Bangkok Graphic Design for Website Renovation

My company needs to have a renovation project for its website, because it is really quite outdated and that is something that needs to change soon. I am not really going to renovate it, but rather scrap it and have a new one built. But I like the term ‘renovation’ because it is more optimistic. Anyway, we need to find graphic design in bangkok because we should be able to make a new website mostly in-house with a few different people working on it who have some experience with website design. However, there just isn’t anyone at the company that is very skilled at graphics design, and since this website needs to be very attractive visually, I think it is best to hire a professional rather than to attempt to have someone here do it.

I am pretty excited about the prospects of the website in general, as I think that there is a lot of room for improvement. Continue reading “Bangkok Graphic Design for Website Renovation”

A Move to a Fresh Paradise

I received a promotion at my job, which called for me to move out to Sandy Springs. I didn’t want to give up my old home, but the promise of more money was too much to give up. I looked for Sandy Springs GA apartments and found something that looked more like a luxury residence for rich people. While riding up to the front gate of the apartments, I saw a beautiful swimming pool with people swimming in it. I used to swim at the local community center, which was acceptable, but it could have been better. The pool at the apartments was a much better alternative.

I checked out the inside of the apartments and was pleased with how much room I had to live in. Continue reading “A Move to a Fresh Paradise”

Ants All over the Wall

I was in dire need of pest control in NYC a little earlier in the year. I hate seeing ants. They’re small and easy to kill, but when there are a lot of them, they can be a real problem. They were getting into my home and I couldn’t tell where they were coming from, because they were so small and could fit into any crack. I tried to follow them to see if they had a path, but I couldn’t figure it out. I sprayed around the home, and that got rid of them for a while, but then they came back in greater numbers.

I searched around the home outside, and found a few ant hills, which I then sprayed with pesticide. Continue reading “Ants All over the Wall”